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Educating in the Wild

Garden Unit Study

Garden Unit Study

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This complete garden unit study teaches about different garden types, plant parts, plant needs, compost, beneficial insects and more! It includes a tomato plant mini unit and a praying mantis life cycle, as well as information, activities, math, language arts, writing, and more! This could be a week long study or be broken down into several weeks depending on your needs.

There are 137 pages included in this resource, including a book list and recipe!

Please note that this listing is for a digital file. No physical product will be sent. The file will be available for download upon purchase.

3-part cards
Information pages
Information cards
Anatomy of a tomato plant
Tomato plant life cycle
Praying mantis life cycle
Compost sort
Seed anatomy
Photosynthesis explanation
Plant part activities
Garden planning
Growing and graphing activity
Seed collection activity
Compost activity

Counting clip cards
Hundreds chart
Multiplication chart
Skip counting puzzles

Language Arts:
Alphabet match
True or false
Fact or opinion
Writing prompts
Copywork quote


Garden scavenger hunt
Coloring pages
Word Search
Sensory Bin Idea
Extension Ideas

Please note that this resource is for personal use only. Sharing or posting online is not allowed.

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